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As you prepare to vote for the EU Copyright reform this week, whose side are you on?

25th March, 2019

For or against Europe’s independent press? For European content creators or for us tech giants? For workable copyright or legitimised content theft?

- Vote for a sustainable independent press, Vote for professional journalism, vote to support our creative content industry, vote for cultural diversity in Europe, vote for a content-rich internet, vote to allow creators to set terms for the reuse of THEIR content..


If you, the MEPs, vote to adopt the copyright reform tomorrow (26/03/2019) you will be voting for Europe’s creators, a sustainable future for independent news publishers and a fair internet. If you vote to reject the reform, you will be empowering abusive monopolies whose business models are predicated on avoiding any responsibility for remunerating the content creators and whose profits, built on the back of this content theft, are beyond the wildest dreams of even the largest publishers in Europe.


Two years- worth of democratic debate and scrutinity have resulted in a fair compromise. for both content creators on the one hand, and platforms on the other;

Important exceptions. have been written into text to insure that:

1. the link is safe and readers can continue to share links as they did before

2. Wikipedia is out of scope

3. Memes and Gifs can be used

4. there will be no censorship of the internet

Very short extracts can be displayed, including commercially;

News publishers, who carry the commercial risk and legal liability, will be able to monetise better their own content and therefore be incentivised to invest further in professional journalism;

Publishers of all sizes from the smallest to the largest will benefit from the Publisher’s Right;

This text provides legal certainty for all users: consumers, platforms and creators, including publishers;

A new complaints mechanism will deal with unlawful blocking of uploaded content;

1. The stakes are extremely high: your vote is essential for the future of the entire content-creating sector and, most crucially, for the future of a healthy, democracy-enhancing, diverse, professional and independent press. .

There is no more time for amendments: if you want to support creators and publishers in Europe you have to adopt the whole directive NOW!

We hope that this information and insight will make a valuable contribution to the political debate on our sector, and that, if you are committed to a democratic Europe with a strong media landscape, you will feel inspired to get involved with our initiative, www.empower-democracy.eu

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